Networking Sparks Growth

Networking isn’t just about swapping cringe-worthy business cards. Enter stage left: “Out of the Box – Networking and Masterminds”! We are more than just a group of small business owners based in Northwest Ohio. We are a relationship-based crew, welcoming anyone across the United States who wants to have a blast building their network and sharing valuable info. Join the fun!

Why Network With Us

Benefit 1 -

Build B2B Relationships

Build trusted connections through relationship-based networking at our events to increase confidence in referrals and develop partnerships.

Benefit 2 -

Share Knowledge

Networking helps entrepreneurs share ideas, knowledge, and feedback to avoid pitfalls. Our events and masterminds bring together individuals from different industries to share their knowledge.

Benefit 3 -

Increase Your Visibility

Join our business events to boost visibility and reputation, generate more leads and become recognized as a knowledgeable and supportive business owner. No gatekeeping allowed here.

Benefit 4 -

Gain Confidence

Learn practical business skills, build systems, increase revenue, and reduce stress at our events. In addition, attending our events will help you gain confidence and network with other owners


your own business


who you're meant to be


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